Caviar specialist

Caviar specialist Michael Polezhaev with more than 20 years of experience in caviar industry and Michael’s caviar enterprises offer services in:

Buying caviar

Wholesale of caviar in European Union

Producing caviar

Consultations about buying, selling and producing caviar

Michael Polezhaev has been passionate about caviar businesses his whole life, as several generation of his family were working with caviar. They processed salmon caviar in the Far East. Michael and his own caviar enterprises are working with caviar in Europe since 2000 and have great experience with both, producing and selling caviar in EU as well. After moving to Europe, Michel advised on production and packaging caviar, established the process of producing caviar at several caviar enterprises. Michael Polezhaev has his own caviar factory. During 20 years, he created a network of VIP customers and wholesale buyers. Michael produced more than 10.000 kg caviar by own hands. He is highly experienced with all types of caviar and fish eggs.

Caviar specialist Michael Polezhaev is working fully legally:
·  CITES registered HU-0009


Michael Polezhaev
Address: Hungary, Budapest, Ken str. 6
Phone: +36 30 310 6725
PA Sandra: +36 20 325 0009